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We are writing to you today to bring attention to a pressing issue in Kenya – the shortage of clean water. Susan and Richard, a married couple with a 6-year-old daughter, own Kata Kiu Spring Water Ltd in a rural area of Kenya where access to clean water is a constant challenge. 

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This fundraising campaign is organized by Kata Kiu Spring Water Ltd and its owners, Richard and Susan. All donations made through this campaign will go directly towards the purchase of a water tanker truck for transporting clean water to the schools, orphanages, and hospitals in Kenya. Kata Kiu Spring Water Ltd is a privately owned company and is not affiliated with any government or non-profit organizations. This fundraising campaign is not tax-deductible and all donations are non-refundable. Kata Kiu Spring Water Ltd will use all donations received for the sole purpose of purchasing a water tanker truck as described in this campaign. Kata Kiu Spring Water Ltd will not be held responsible for any mismanagement of funds or for any other purpose other than what is outlined in this campaign. Kata Kiu Spring Water Ltd is committed to ensuring the transparency and integrity of this fundraising campaign. We will regularly update our supporters on the progress of the campaign and the use of the funds raised. By making a donation to this campaign, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. We appreciate your support and generosity in helping bring clean water to the communities in need in Kenya.